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12104 Irene: Macbook Pro Laptop Zipper Bag

12104 Irene: Macbook Pro Laptop Zipper Bag

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Irene: Macbook Pro Laptop Zipper Bag

Suitable for Macbook Pro 14" Dimensions: 36 X 3 X 25 CM

Suitable for Macbook Pro 16" Dimensions: 39 X 3 X 27 CM

The colors are as follows:

Crocodile pattern imitation leather: green or pink

Marbled imitation leather: brown or gray

Plain imitation leather: black

Suitable for laptops up to 17" or below, easy to put in backpacks and luggage bags

Velvet liner, thick body, anti-collision, protects the computer

There is a zipper bag in the front, which can hold charging cables, plugs, mice, chargers, phones and other small items.

There is an L-shaped zipper in the lower right corner, making it easy to put the computer in the bag and charge it at any time.

Only zipper bag sold, does not include demonstration laptop, charger, mouse

Demonstration computer size: 38 X 2.5 X 26 CM

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