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11939A Ivan - iPad Mini Small Tablet Zipper Holder

11939A Ivan - iPad Mini Small Tablet Zipper Holder

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Ivan - iPad Mini Small Tablet Zipper Briefcase
Dimensions: 17.5 X 2.5 X 23CM
Colour: Black

Outer material: imitation leather needle pattern
Inner material: imitation leather, polyester material
Features: There is 1 rubber band slot that can accommodate iPad Mini 2/3/4, or other brands of tablets of similar size

Other functions:
3 card slots, 1 phone pocket
One book slot can hold 1 A5 notebook and 1 rubber band pen slot
Beautiful and durable, with straight stitching, demonstrating master-level craftsmanship
Office workers can use their tablets or notebooks to work instantly when they are working, traveling, in meetings, or meeting with clients. After opening the zipper bag, they can easily put it into backpacks, luggage bags, etc.

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